Saturn hovers over Mercury


As Murphy would have it, we’ve had heavy clouds and rain this week, so we weren’t able to look for Comet ISON.  The clouds finally blew away this morning, so we braved the cold morning to see if we could spot the comet through the colors of the sunrise.  We didn’t spot the comet, but we did see Saturn hovering above Mercury.  It was quite striking, don’t you think?

Happy NaNo!

To all those participating in National Novel Writing Month: good luck!

In spite of having a novel-length project ready to start, I will not be participating this year.  This year is the first year I’ve tracked both words and hours, so I know that writing the 1700 words a day required for NaNo would be a full time job for me, and I already have a full time job [1].  Further, I know that I have never written that many words in a day, even when I was deeply involved in a project.  So reaching the goal would require a radical change in my writing process, and it’s not a change that I either need or desire to make.

However, since it is National Novel Writing Month, I will be working on the novel-length project, plodding along at my 250 word/hour pace.  I won’t be crossing the finish line with all the NaNo hares, but I hope to cross it eventually, turtle-style.


[1] And I am very relieved that the government reopened so I could keep my job.  If the government had stayed closed, I was planning on making NaNo my full time job and seeing how that worked out.  I’m glad to not be doing that experiment.