Moon and Mars – Together!

This week, in some parts of the country, the Moon occulted Mars (went between Mars and us).  Down here in Texas, it did not, but the Moon did visually pass very, very close to Mars.  It was partly cloudy here, but I was able to get a picture through the gaps.  And I could see Mars next to the Moon even though the Moon was very close to full.  I was surprised that I could get details in the lunar surface and Mars visible with the same settings.  Mars looked red!

Camera geek info:

  • Canon EOS 60D in manual mode, 1/160 second exposure, ISO 100, auto white balance 
  • Williams Optics Zenith Star 73 III APO telescope
  • Williams Optics Flat 73A
  • iOptron CEM40
  • Bortle 7 skies with clouds