Snow is rare on the Texas Gulf Coast. We typically get snow when it’s just above freezing, and it often melts as soon as it hits the warm ground. I knew it was lightly snowing when I went to bed Thursday night … but I never expected to wake up to a traditional winter wonderland.

Since snow that sticks is so rare, enjoying it is a two-step process: take lots of photos to prove it happened and play!

So here is my proof there was snow at my house.


And here I am after making a snow angel.


And here I am making a giant snowball to make a snowman.


It turns out that making giant snowballs is hard work! And it also turns out that rolling the too-heavy-to-pick-up snowball across the warm driveway broke up the snowball. But I persevered and made a snowman.



They say play is good for you. I think I got my fair share on Friday.

What do you like to do in the snow?