ApolloCon 2014 Pictures

I had a blast at ApolloCon 2014, moderating two panels and participating in two others. One end of the hotel was much colder than the other, so I got a nifty TARDIS blanket to keep me warm … perfect for the Dr. Who panel I was moderating.

I forgot to take the traditional picture of the view out of my window (it was a parking lot anyway), but my wonderful husband did take some pictures of my panels.

Bad Boys vs. Good Guys with Dominick D’Aunno, Shanna Swendson, and Charlayne Elizabeth Denney.
Apollcon2014 - 14209

Moderating Short Fiction: Still a Thriving Market with Austin Malone, Rie Sheridan Rose, and D. L. Young.
Apollcon2014 - 14211

My TARDIS blanket – warmer on the inside!
Apollcon2014 - 14221

Moderating The Big Blue Box: Dr. Who with Diane Ullman (Queen Victoria), George Padgett, and Al Griego.
Apollcon2014 - 14223

Apollocon 2014 Schedule

I’ll be a panelist at Apollocon in Houston, Texas next weekend, June 27-29. The panels I’m scheduled for are:

– Saturday 10 AM: Bad Boys vs. Good Guys

– Saturday 2 PM: Fantastic Viewing – Fantasy on TV

– Saturday 3 PM: Short Fiction: Still a Thriving Market

– Sunday 2 PM: The Big Blue Box: Doctor Who

Should be fun! If you’re there, please stop by and say hi!

Back from Seeing Alpha Centauri

Summer vacation this year took us to Peru, where we greatly enjoyed experiencing another culture and exploring the Inca ruins, including the magnificent Machu Picchu. I also enjoyed photographing the moon and stars that can only be seen in the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Cross looks like a kite to me.

View from our Lima hotel room:


View from our Cusco hotel room:


View from our Aguas Calientes hotel room:


Moon through Inca doorway:


Shadow Selfie with Moon and Inca Stonework:


Moon with Inca Stonework:


Moon over Urubamba River with stone piles:


Southern Stars from Aguas Calientes – Southern Cross and Alpha Centauri:


Machu Picchu: