ApolloCon 2015 – Pictures

I had a blast at ApolloCon 2015, moderating one panel (whose topic was my suggestion!) and participating in three others. As an introvert, it’s tough for me to talk in front of groups and speak on the fly. This actually means that moderating a panel is much easier for me than being a panelist. But for the first time, I felt that I did a good job sitting in both chairs at all my panels. Maybe it was because we had such fun topics.

My first panel was my suggestion: designing aliens. I got to discuss aliens with Larry Friesen (a veteran of many cons and a last-minute addition – thanks!), Kathryn Friesen (a new writer at her first con – welcome!), and Martha Wells (whose books are fantastically rich).


My second panel was about good (and bad) science in science fiction. Of course, it’s more fun to trash the bad than to praise the good. Lots of suggestions from our audience on this one. On the panel with me were Deborah Davitt and Alan Pollard.


My third panel was on What if We *Are* Alone? We all agreed that we’re probably not, although we could be alone *now*, and we may never be able to reach anyone else. Are we the last ones? Could we be the first ones? So much story fodder. On the panel with me were Alan PollardD. L. Young (a friend from the Houston SFF Writer’s Meetup), and Marshall Ryan Marcesca.


My fourth panel was on Translators and translation mishaps. Given that alien communication is one of my favorite subjects? Fun. On the panel with me were Tex ThompsonKathryn Friesen, and Keri Bas (a friend from the Houston SFF Writer’s Meetup).


In addition to talking myself, I also enjoyed panels about traveling beyond Mars, dealing with Near Earth Asteroids (with Stan Love – seriously, if you can ever hear this fellow speak, do it!), and blogging with the Guest of Honor, Jim Hines (who I learned about from his blog, and whose fiction – especially his recent Libriomancer series – I have really enjoyed.)

I’m looking forward to next year.

ApolloCon 2014 Pictures

I had a blast at ApolloCon 2014, moderating two panels and participating in two others. One end of the hotel was much colder than the other, so I got a nifty TARDIS blanket to keep me warm … perfect for the Dr. Who panel I was moderating.

I forgot to take the traditional picture of the view out of my window (it was a parking lot anyway), but my wonderful husband did take some pictures of my panels.

Bad Boys vs. Good Guys with Dominick D’Aunno, Shanna Swendson, and Charlayne Elizabeth Denney.
Apollcon2014 - 14209

Moderating Short Fiction: Still a Thriving Market with Austin Malone, Rie Sheridan Rose, and D. L. Young.
Apollcon2014 - 14211

My TARDIS blanket – warmer on the inside!
Apollcon2014 - 14221

Moderating The Big Blue Box: Dr. Who with Diane Ullman (Queen Victoria), George Padgett, and Al Griego.
Apollcon2014 - 14223

Apollocon 2014 Schedule

I’ll be a panelist at Apollocon in Houston, Texas next weekend, June 27-29. The panels I’m scheduled for are:

– Saturday 10 AM: Bad Boys vs. Good Guys

– Saturday 2 PM: Fantastic Viewing – Fantasy on TV

– Saturday 3 PM: Short Fiction: Still a Thriving Market

– Sunday 2 PM: The Big Blue Box: Doctor Who

Should be fun! If you’re there, please stop by and say hi!

Apollocon 2013 Report

I just got home from Apollocon 2013, which I consider my “local” science fiction convention.  I’ve been going for a number of years, and I always enjoy it.  As usual, I wished I could borrow Hermione’s time turner so I could attend multiple panels at the same time.

I enjoyed all the typical con things: meeting other authors, expanding my thinking on various issues at the panels, and coming home with new books and a list of more books and blogs that I want to read.

One of the neat things about this particular con is that because it is in Houston, home of NASA/Johnson Space Center, it has some great space science presentations and panels.  This year, the highlights for me were:

– Dr. Paul Abell‘s presentation on the Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded over Russia in February (the audio recordings of this thing are just amazing)

– Astronaut Stanley Love‘s presentation on searching for meteorites in Antarctica (with lots of observations about the physical space spent on logistics and time spent on non-science work which are as invaluable to science fiction authors trying to get it right as it is to NASA mission planners)

– Dr. Paul Abell, Dr. Al Jackson, and Dr. Stanley Love’s panel on Planetary Defense and the work being done to find and categorize near earth objects with the potential to impact our planet and cause local to knock-us-back-to-the-stone-age destruction as well as the work being done to find ways to prevent such an event from occurring should a NEO be found that is predicted to impact the Earth

Of course, I am fascinated by meteorites, so I enjoyed all these talks immensely.

But even if one is not fascinated by meteorites, these guys make their subjects compelling.  I highly recommend going to one of their talks if you ever get the opportunity.