Mount Wilson Observatory

Last week, for the first time in almost 15 months, we were able to travel to visit one of our children.  It was a joyful event.

But when we visit our children, we know we need to give them time to do their own thing.  So we plan side trips.  This time, we drove in the mountains around Mount Wilson Observatory.  

Mount Wilson Observatory is the site of some major research telescopes that have been involved in some significant research for over a century.  I am currently reading about Dark Matter and Dark Energy (The 4% Universe by Richard Panek), and the book mentions Mount Wilson as the site where Edwin Hubble figured out that there were galaxies beyond our own in the universe and that the galaxies were moving away from us.  Amazing stuff.  

We knew that, due to COVID, the observatory wasn’t open to visitors for this trip, alas.  We look forward to seeing it when we visit sometime in the future and maybe even getting to look through the eyepiece of one of their marvelous telescopes.