Happy NaNo!

To all those participating in National Novel Writing Month: good luck!

In spite of having a novel-length project ready to start, I will not be participating this year.  This year is the first year I’ve tracked both words and hours, so I know that writing the 1700 words a day required for NaNo would be a full time job for me, and I already have a full time job [1].  Further, I know that I have never written that many words in a day, even when I was deeply involved in a project.  So reaching the goal would require a radical change in my writing process, and it’s not a change that I either need or desire to make.

However, since it is National Novel Writing Month, I will be working on the novel-length project, plodding along at my 250 word/hour pace.  I won’t be crossing the finish line with all the NaNo hares, but I hope to cross it eventually, turtle-style.


[1] And I am very relieved that the government reopened so I could keep my job.  If the government had stayed closed, I was planning on making NaNo my full time job and seeing how that worked out.  I’m glad to not be doing that experiment.

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