Andromeda Galaxy – Processed

I spent my Christmas holiday working on learning how to use the astrophotography processing tool PixInsight.  There’s an enormous amount to learn, and I’m looking forward to learning more.  But I am happy with the results of my first project – the Andromeda Galaxy.

For comparison, here is a single 3 minute shot with only basic processing.  I think the processing is worth it!

Camera geek info:

  • Canon EOS 60D in manual mode, 179 second exposure, ISO 1600, custom white balance 3500K
  • Williams Optics Zenith Star 73 III APO telescope
  • Williams Optics Flat 73A
  • iOptron CEM40
  • Dell City, Texas Bortle 2-3 dark skies

Processing geek info:

  • PixInsight
  • 18 3 minute lights
  • 10 3 minute darks
  • 50 bias frames
  • No flats 
  • ImageIntegration Darks to make Master Dark
  • ImageIntegration and Superbias flats to make Master Flat
  • Lights processed with
    • Blink
    • Subframe Selector
    • Image Calibration
    • Cosmetic Correction
    • Debayer
    • Star Alignment
    • Image Integration
    • Automatic Background Extractor
    • Background Neutralization
    • Color Calibration
    • Histogram Transfer
    • HDR Multiscale Transform
    • Curves Transformation
    • DarkStructureEnhance
  • About 20 hours of labor learning the tool. Whew!

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