Athena’s Daughters 2 – Guest Post from Tess Tabak


As part of the Athena’s Daughters 2 Kickstarter campaign, the authors and editors are doing a blog tour. Today I am delighted to be hosting Tess Tabak here at acubedsf.

Tess Tabak is a writer, filmmaker, and co-editor of The Furious Gazelle. She is a recent graduate of Purchase College, where she won the Ginny Wray award for fiction. She lives in Brooklyn, New York. Her most recent film, BEANED, recently premiered at the Williamsburg International Film Festival in Brooklyn.

Here she is to talk about writing science fiction and fantasy:

How is your story SF/Fantasy?

My story in Athena’s Daughter’s II, “The Miraculous,” has elements of fantasy because it is set during the zombie apocalypse.

Why did you write this story/do you write in general in this genre?

A lot of what I write is non-fiction, or satirical. If it suits the piece I’m writing, I’ll incorporate science-fictional or fantastical elements. It’s not something that I set out to do on purpose.

I started to write this story just by describing a place, and then before I knew it there were zombies there.

How did SF/Fantasy help you explore the themes/ideas you were trying to explore?

Aside from adding external pressure to the plot, zombies fit really well with some of the philosophic issues I wanted to explore in this piece.

Sounds intriguing!  I can’t wait to read it!

If you’re interested in following Tess, you can find her at:


If you’re interested in The Furious Gazelle (with a name like that, how can you not be?), you can find it at:

Web Site:



Note that the Athena’s Daughter 2 Kickstarter has a special incentive for those who back the project today (Friday, December 19) to see if we can get to 425 awesome backers by the end of the day.

Bryan Young, one of the founding authors of Silence in the Library and the editor of Apollo’s Daughters, has offered up his novel The Serpent’s Head as a gift to everyone who has backed this project by 11:59pm Friday, as long as that number is 425 or greater.

It’s a space western, and I’m looking forward to reading it. Here’s a little summary:

The man called Twelve is a hired gun, taking his laser pistol from planet to planet, hiring his services out to the highest bidder. He finds himself on Glycon-Prime, a new colony at the edge of space. On the hunt for work, Twelve blows into a small, frontier town only to find a massacre. The only survivors? A trio of young children, devastated by the murder of their families and hellbent on hiring the gunslinger to help them get revenge on the leader of the vicious mutants responsible, the man known only as “The Serpent’s Head.”

So, check out Tess Tabak, the Furious Gazelle, The Serpent’s Head, and the Athena’s Daughters 2 Kickstarter!

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