It’s the month of November and time for the writing frenzy known as NaNoWriMo – National Novel Writing Month – where writers try to produce a 50,000 word novel in a month.

Since I’ve been collecting statistics on my word count per hour for years, I know that 50,000 words in a month would be close to a full-time job for me. At least it would be given my style of writing.

I tried a word war with a friend last weekend (you set a timer for a given amount of time and see who can write the most words), and it was a lot of fun. I wrote 700 words in 20 minutes. (We tied, BTW.) So it turns out that I could perhaps produce 50,000 words in a month without it being a full time job.

However, I’m used to doing a lot more word crafting while I’m writing, and I’m not at all satisfied with this dashed-off 700 words. Further, I actually enjoy doing the word crafting, and I missed being able to play with the words while writing. So my task for the week was to turn last weekend’s words into words that I was happy with before going on to write new stuff.

For those who get something out of NaNoWriMo, more power to you, and the best of luck in reaching your goal. Me, I’m not doing NaNo, I’m doing WriMo – “Write More!”

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