I Hate It When …

I hate it when this happens: I was thinking about my current short project in the shower this morning, and I figured out how I was going to handle a particular issue.  Now I can’t remember what that solution was.

Does this happen to anyone else?

5 thoughts on “I Hate It When …

  1. That’s why I constantly send myself cryptic emails (not from the shower though – in that case I just shout the idea to the dog through the door. She rarely repeats it back to me clearly, but I find that shouting plot ideas to a dog make them stick in my mind).

  2. I have a theory that ideas in my brain are not actually represented in English, so I have to write (or speak) them to “translate”. This is why I always write out what I’m going to say in presentations at work … just thinking through what I want to say is not sufficient. Saying an idea out loud to the dog (or in my case, cat) sounds like it would work for the same reason. I’ll have to try it.

  3. The only problem with a cat is that you just know it is thinking “So you’re just going to have the vicar show up with the news of the strike at the Gauss cannon factory, right when Cyril happens to need to know about it? Weak, man. We haven’t even see the vicar since chapter 3.”

    Dogs, on the other hand, always seem to be on board with whatever I come up with.

  4. That happens to me too. Whenever I have an idea I can’t write down right away, I try repeating it over and over, hoping to remember it for more than a brief time.

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