LoneStarCon 3 – WorldCon 71 Report

View from our Hotel Window



My kids and I drive the TARDIS.


I am back from my first WorldCon!

I have to admit, I went in fan mode and not author mode.

I partially picked panels to go to based on who was going to be in them.  In retrospect, that was actually a pretty good way to pick panels.  The people I expected to be thoughtful were thoughtful, and the people I expected to be funny were funny.  And sometimes vice versa.

I also stood in line for signatures and worked up the courage to approach a couple of authors outside of their official signings to get some books signed.  The authors were all very gracious and fun to talk to.  Squee!

I was excited to be able to nominate and vote for the Hugos this year, and getting to see the ceremony live and in person without DRM or technical issues and with some strong opinions about who I wanted to win was a real treat.

Somehow, although it seems like I didn’t see enough people or go to enough panels, I still didn’t find much time to visit the dealer room until the last hour we were at the con.

Overall, a great experience.

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