Broken Collarbone Inspiration

A month ago, on a rainy day, I slipped and fell on my tile floor while walking into my own house.  I was so stunned when I fell that I think my brain stopped working for a few minutes because I could not do anything.  When my brain cranked back into gear, I had a hard time getting up because my right arm (my dominant arm, of course) hurt so much.  A trip to the ER revealed a broken collarbone.

The bad news is that this has cut into my writing time because I haven’t wanted to do much.  The good news is that I’ve had lots of time to read.

I’ve been enjoying the Maisie Dobbs mystery series by Jacqueline Winspear.  In the author interview at the end of the first book, she says that she had an accident while writing the book that kept her from using her right arm.  Apparently a friend asked her, “Well, you’ve got a left arm, haven’t you?”  So she wrote much of the book with just her left hand.  Inspiration!  I still have a left hand, too, and I can even use my right hand some of the time.  I need to get back to writing.

It has taken a month, but I am finally able to get through a day without taking pain medicine (NB: I hate taking medicine, so that doesn’t mean pain free).  And so far today has been a 830 word day.  Yea!

What inspires you?

6 thoughts on “Broken Collarbone Inspiration

  1. Thanks! It took a lot longer to start feeling better than I expected, which was/is trying my limited patience. But getting to read a lot makes things better! 🙂

  2. Well, now I feel like even more of a jerk for asking you to expedite a beta read.

    You left the “sf” off your url when you commented on my blog, by the way, but I fixed it, because I am liken unto a God there. Bwahahaha!

    • You are not a jerk! I really enjoyed reading your book, and I only had to expedite by a few days. I was happy to do it. Besides, as I mentioned above, reading was a great escape from the broken collarbone!

      Thanks for fixing my broken link. Does spelling one’s own website incorrectly fall into the category of “can’t even spell her own name”? I never was any good at spelling. 😉

      • Mind you, although I understand that your URL/username is meant to be A-cubed, my brain insists on reading it as “accu-bed”, like it is a website for some sort of high-tech bed made to accurately conform to the oddities of its user’s body. Story idea!

      • That is funny given that a long time ago I worked on exactly that sort of bed. Never thought about trying to get them named after myself, though. 😉 I was just a grunt at the time.

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