New Ideas

Whenever I get an idea for a new project, I write it down in my Ideas file.  Usually, by the time I’ve finished the first draft of a project, I’ve already had several ideas for the next one.  Usually, one of them is banging around my head, ready to get out.  If I don’t have one clamoring to get written, I can read my Ideas file and see what sparks my attention.

Last month, that didn’t happen.  I was ready for a new project, and nothing sparked. 

Of course, I can always spend my writing time editing.  And I considered going back to the last novel I started and working on that.  In fact, I did start working on it.

And then I read something online that made me mad.  And while considering my response to what made me mad, I came up with a science fiction analog for the situation, a setting, a character, a problem … and a new story. 

It’s going to be a fun April.

How do you come up with story ideas?

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