Writing Streak

My writing 100 words a day streak is now at 34 days.  I’ve discovered that 100 words takes me somewhere between 10 and 40 minutes to write.  I’ve also discovered that, many times, I then go on to write far more words.  For anyone out there with the excuse that they “don’t have the time” to write (and, yep, I’ve used it too), I challenge you to try it and collect your own data.  Because maybe you really do have the time.

Now, I realize that 100 words a day isn’t going to add up to a novel anytime soon.  However, I think you’ll find it easier to add words to a big project than a small one because once you’re started on the big project, you can spend your time writing and not planning.  With smaller projects, the percentage of time need to plan is greater, I think.

I have now finished the first draft of my second short story for the year and am halfway through a third.  This is by far and away my most productive writing year, and it’s only the middle of February.

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